Enterprise IT NOC

Enterprise IT NOC

In the fast paced global economy, technology and competition, organization's business are ever changing and requiring adaptability in order to sustain growth & preserve a competitive advantage and maintain profitability. IT has moved from being a differentiation to being a necessary part of doing business. Rapidly changing technology landscape, ever increasing pressure to reduce costs to stay competitive and the need to focus on core competencies are good enough reasons for any organization to engage a reliable partner to manage their IT infrastructure. Front Metrics Technologies is a trusted partner to many organizations because of their reliability, cost effectiveness and technology expertise.

Companies face considerable challenges to optimize their IT infrastructure and exceed expectations of the users, customers and investors, while adhering to the highest standards of security and compliance. In the face of these conflicting objectives, companies seek for solutions that help maximize performance, maintain IT service continuity, reduce security risks and ensure scalability and compliance while effectively managing their IT infrastructure costs.

Front Metrics Technologies understands these challenges and offer services that cater to your specific IT needs. We solve business challenges with end-to-end solutions covering the entire infrastructure starting from hardware, operating system, applications and going all the way to include people and processes.

Front Metrics Technologies Infrastructure Management Solution provides a flexible, affordable suite of services which help our customers to monitor and manage their infrastructure more efficiently and cost-effectively. Front Metrics Technologies helps in design, development and deployment of Enterprise Remote Infrastructure Operations to deliver a consistent set of industry wide accepted tools and ITIL® aligned processes providing efficient and cost effective IT Services to customers.

Enterprise IT Monitoring Services

  • Server Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring
  • Database Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • Improves infrastructure availability with 24×7 proactive monitoring

Front Metrics Technologies Enterprise Remote Infrastructure Management Solution Benefits

  • Lowers operational costs and minimal up-front costs
  • include comprehensive monitoring and management solutions for server, storage, network and middleware
  • Enables you to focus on your core business and leave the IT management to certified and experienced subject matter experts
  • Offers both agent and agent-less approaches depending on your requirements for advanced management function
  • Improves infrastructure availability with 24×7 proactive monitoring
  • Provides real-time reports, automated notifications and alerts
  • Gives you access to the right combination of specialized remote competency centers and on-site capabilities

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