IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management

Front Metrics Technologies IT Asset Management discipline helps IT department cut costs by managing the physical, financial and contractual aspects of all IT assets. Our IT asset management solution helps you track and get the most out of your IT assets at every stage of the life cycle. Manage the physical, financial, and service attributes of IT hardware, software, and virtual assets.

Front Metrics Technologies IT Asset Management discipline is designed to assist companies in maximizing performance of their enterprise IT assets and reducing the overall cost of ownership. It lets you maintain accurate, real-time views across your entire data center, including equipment in racks like servers, storage, networking equipment and even applications.

Our Asset Lifecycle Management Process covers the "Request to Retire" cycle and is adhered to ITIL® best practices of Service Asset and Configuration Management.

Front Metrics Technologies Asset management solution comprises of all the functionality associated with ongoing management and tracking of assets some of which are as follows:

  • Asset Discovery (Physical & Logical)
  • Create & Maintain Definitive Media Library
  • Create & Maintain Analogous Hardware Store
  • Configuration Management
  • Physical Asset Tracking
  • Software License Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Contract Management (Support/Maintenance/ Renewals /Enterprise License Agreement)
  • Re-Deployment & Movement
  • Retire & Disposal Management

Front Metrics Technologies IT Asset management solution maps physical relationships between all of these devices so you can easily see how everything in the data center is physically connected. It enables organizations to respond faster and make better decisions.

The adaptation of our IT Asset Management solution enables organization in

  • Improving asset and resource utilization
  • Improving equipment readiness
  • Reducing asset lifecycle costs
  • Optimizing complex maintenance tasks
  • Improving capacity planning
  • Implementing lean practices and improvement strategies
  • Enhancing compliance with regulatory standards
  • Ensuring supply chain availability and visibility
  • Allocating skilled resources appropriately

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