ServiceNow Workshop

ServiceNow Workshop

ServiceNow System Administrator

  • Create new applications, modules, and tables
  • Activate a plugin
  • Personalize and create forms and fields
  • Build reports, gauges, and homepages
  • Set up a service level agreement (SLA) and monitor an SLA workflow
  • Create and track service catalog requests and items with variables
  • Create, monitor, modify, and publish service catalog workflows with approvals
  • Follow the notification process back to the business rule
  • Import data into the instance
  • Create and use update sets to move customizations between systems
  • Search, populate, and customize the knowledge base
  • Create an access control rule (ACL)
  • Create global security controls for attachments and cookies
  • Create a chat room and set up help desk chat

ServiceNow Scripting

  • JavaScript Review
    • Evaluation V. Assigned
    • Truthy / Falsey
    • If / Else if / Else
  • Tables and Columns Client Scripting
    • Using jslog()
    • Make Assigned to Mandatory when Priority is P1 or P2
    • Filtering Choice Lists
  • UI Policy Scripting
    • UI Policy Scripting
  • Business Rules
    • Business Rule Logging
    • Add Condition to the Business Rule Logging Script
    • Business Rule to Change RCA
  • Client versus Server
    • Client or Server?
  • Tips and Tricks Events
    • Incident State Event
  • Workflow Scripting
    • SLA Workflow
    • Update Related Record
    • Trigger an Event
    • Scripted approval
  • Server Side Glide System
    • CAB Date
    • Start and End Date Validation
  • Script Actions Scheduled Jobs Conclusion UI Actions
    • Client UI Action
    • Server UI Actions

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